Posh Cart

What kind of wreaths do you offer?

Answer :
We currently only offer deco mesh wreaths.

How long do your wreaths typically last?

Answer :
With the proper care and storage, they can last several years.

Can you customize wreaths to fit specific themes or color schemes?

Yes, just fill out our form for custom wreaths here

How do you hang your wreaths?

Answer :
All of our wreaths can be hung with wreath door hangers or command strips.

What is the lead time for ordering a wreath?

Answer :
Once the order is placed, please allow 5-7 business days for custom wreaths.

Do you offer delivery or shipping for your wreaths?

Answer :
All wreaths are shipped via USPS or UPS.

How do I care for my wreath once I receive it?

Answer :
Keep your wreath out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. Store it in a wreath bag and try to touch the deco mesh as little as possible to prevent fraying.

Can I purchase other holiday decor items from your business?

Answer :
Yes, we offer other holiday decor items such as ribbon, garlands, and signs.

What is your return policy for wreaths and other holiday decor items?

Answer :
Click here to view our return policy. (hyperlink needed)

Do you offer international shipping?

Answer :
Not at the moment.